Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well, Here we go again. 

Last Semester, a few of you voiced the opinion that my opening post with a specific question limited  options for online discussion.  In response, I will try to write an opening post that brings up several issues that are on my mind, but will not expect that any of you will respond directly to those issues unless they are of interest to you as well. 

Today we had the second section of the "Instructional Design" mini-retreat.  Both Lily and I made small adjustments that gave our learners more time in the exercises that we prepared.  That seemed to work well and the evaluations were very positive.  When I think about how I plan instruction, I find that the theories I draw upon are now leaning more toward constructivism.  I still give some information, but now spend more time planning exercises that allow the learner to consult others in the group as they form their own opinions and apply the new understanding to problems. Of course I am always their to consult and clarify.  I don't think I ever will change my direction completely, but a good pre-reading with questions and purposeful discussion and exercises seem to give better results for my area of expertise.  Now is medicine different; as Lily pointed out in her discussion of Cognitive Load, the sheer density of the information shared in the medical lectures that I have heard makes one think that the lecture with high intrinsic load and low germaine and extraneous load makes sense......or does it?