Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emotional Intelligence and Teaching

At the end of the session today, one of your class members came up and asked if I had any articles on teaching and Emotional Intelligence.  In trying to clarify this request, we found that we had two related but different questions.
  • What has been written about teaching Emotional Intelligence?
  • What has been written about how Emotional Intelligence can help improve our teaching?
There is a growing literature on strategies for teaching components of Emotional Intelligence.  Most prominent being teaching around developing empathy.  As to the second question, there is not a lot out there. 

Using Goleman's adapted 4 quadrant model, we could, as a group, write a rough draft of a "new article" by hypothesizing on how addressing each component of the model would translate into transformational teaching performance.  Try reflecting on this stimulus, or address other EI thoughts and issues